Why Spotify Lyrics Are Wrong And Delayed (Explained)

Hey there! So, have you ever noticed that sometimes the lyrics on Spotify are just plain wrong or seem a bit off? Well, I’ve definitely come across this issue a few times and it can be pretty frustrating.

So, let’s all pitch in and make sure those lyrics are on point!

Why are Spotify lyrics wrong and delayed?

Why are Spotify lyrics sometimes incorrect and delayed?

Let’s dig deeper into the reasons behind these issues.

Spotify gets its lyrics from Musixmatch, a community platform where people like you and me can add lyrics. But, you know, sometimes people make mistakes, and those mistakes end up on Spotify.

It’s like a game of telephone gone wrong. And because there are so many lyrics on Musixmatch, it’s hard for them to catch all the errors.

Plus, it takes time for Musixmatch changes to appear on Spotify.

So, that’s why Spotify lyrics can be wrong and delayed.

At least they’re trying to fix it, right?

Can you add, change, or edit lyrics on Spotify?

Unfortunately, users cannot directly modify or update the lyrics featured on their favorite songs in the Spotify app. Here’s why:

  • No lyric editing option: Spotify doesn’t let you change the lyrics yourself, so you’re stuck with what’s there.
  • Limited control: You can’t add or delete lyrics either, which is a bummer if you want to make your own changes.
  • Frustrating experience: It can be annoying when you spot the wrong lyrics and can’t do anything about it.
  • Helplessness: You have to rely on Spotify’s partnership with platforms like Musixmatch for accurate lyrics, but mistakes can still slip through.

So, unfortunately, you’re stuck with whatever lyrics Spotify provides. It’s a bummer, but at least you can still enjoy the music!

How to report wrong lyrics on Spotify

If you come across wrong lyrics on Spotify, you can totally report them and make things better. It’s super easy! Just follow these steps.

First, find the artist’s name on the desktop version and click on it. If you’re using the mobile app, report the error to the ‘More’ option.

Spotify will review your report within a week and make the necessary changes. Reporting these errors is important because it helps everyone enjoy accurate lyrics.

So don’t be shy, speak up and help fix those lyrics! Together, we can make Spotify even more awesome!

How to change or fix lyrics on Spotify

To change or fix lyrics on Spotify, you can become a verified artist on Musixmatch. They allow you to have control over your lyrics. You can add, edit, and sync your official lyrics on Spotify.

Additionally, by becoming a lyric publisher on Musixmatch, you have the opportunity to earn royalties from lyrics views.

Become a verified artist on Musixmatch

Becoming a verified artist on Musixmatch is super cool because you get to be in charge of your lyrics and show off your music to everyone. It’s like having your own personal stage to rock out on!

add spotify lyrics on musixmatch

Here are three awesome things about being a verified artist on Musixmatch:

  • You can add your official lyrics to Spotify and other platforms. That way, your fans can sing along and really feel the vibe of your songs. It’s like a big karaoke party!
  • You get to join a community of other talented artists and share your music with them. It’s like having a bunch of new friends who understand your passion for music. Plus, you can get inspired by their awesome tunes too!
  • You can even monetize your lyrics catalog and earn some sweet royalties. That means you can make money doing what you love most – making amazing music!

Become a lyric publisher on Musixmatch

So, we just talked about how you can become a verified artist on Musixmatch, right? Well, now let’s chat about how you can become a lyric publisher on Musixmatch.

It’s pretty cool, actually. If you’re not a songwriter, but you still have a bunch of lyrics lying around, you can totally monetize them through Musixmatch. Yeah, you heard that right! You can earn some cash from lyrics views and get clear reports on how your lyrics are being used.

Musixmatch works with publishers worldwide, so you’ll be in good company. Plus, it makes distributing your lyrics and earning royalties super easy.

So, if you’re not into making music, but you’re all about those words, becoming a lyric publisher on Musixmatch is the way to go!

Bottom line

To sum up, creating a Musixmatch account can help you fix incorrect lyrics on Spotify and improve the lyrics.

When you have a Musixmatch account, you can report wrong lyrics directly to them, and they will work to fix them.

By doing this, you can improve the accuracy of the lyrics on Spotify.

It’s important to remember that Spotify gets its lyrics from Musixmatch, so by contributing to Musixmatch, you are also helping Spotify.

So, if you want to ensure the lyrics on Spotify are right, make a Musixmatch account and start fixing those lyrics.

It’s easy and it will make Spotify better for everyone! And you won’t need to ask again are spotify lyrics accurate!

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