Spotify Keeps Pausing? Here’s How To Fix It

Quick Answer: Spotify pausing repeatedly could be caused by connectivity issues, outdated app, or device settings like battery saver mode. Try updating the app, restarting device, ensuring strong WiFi/cellular connection, and disabling battery saver to resolve.

Spotify is one of the most popular music and podcast streaming services, with over 422 million active users worldwide. However, many Spotify users frequently encounter issues with playback getting interrupted or pausing randomly.

If your Spotify keeps pausing unexpectedly, it can ruin your listening experience and be incredibly frustrating. But don’t worry – in most cases, there are fixes you can try to resolve Spotify playback problems on iPhone, Android, computer and other devices.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the most common Spotify pausing issues and provide troubleshooting steps to get seamless music and podcast streaming again.

Key Takeaways

  • Isolate if problems only occur on certain devices, during certain activities, or on specific networks.
  • Thoroughly test wired and wireless connections, headphones, speakers and cables to pinpoint hardware issues.
  • Check for software and firmware updates, clear app caches, and restart devices to rule out software glitches.
  • Evaluate network conditions – bandwidth, signal strength, congestion and interference can all disrupt streaming.
  • Adjust audio and network settings like streaming quality and background app data to reduce resource demands.
  • Seek assistance from Spotify Customer Service if you can’t find fixes from methodical troubleshooting.

Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing?

There are several potential reasons why Spotify may keep stopping and starting unexpectedly during music or podcast playback:

  • Connectivity issues – Problems with your internet connection, like low bandwidth or high latency, can interrupt Spotify’s streaming buffer and cause playback to pause frequently. This is especially common on mobile over cellular data.
  • Audio output problems – Issues with your headphones, speakers, cables or audio connections can cause playback problems with Spotify.
  • App glitches – Bugs or performance problems in the Spotify app itself may also be responsible for random pausing.
  • Account restrictions – If you’re on a free Spotify account, playback limitations may cause audio to pause often.
  • System resources – Other apps using CPU, network or RAM may interfere with Spotify, causing playback to stutter.
  • Power saving settings – Battery saver modes can sometimes pause Spotify playback.

Understanding the root of the problem is key to resolving your Spotify playback issues.

How To Stop Spotify Pausing on iPhone

The Spotify app for iPhone is used by millions of people worldwide. However many users report constant Spotify pausing problems on their iPhones.

Here are some top troubleshooting tips to fix interrupting, stuttering or stopping Spotify audio on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Check your internet connection – Use Speedtest or to test your connection speed. Spotify suggests at least 3G or higher speeds. Restart your router if needed.
  • Switch from cellular to Wi-Fi – Cellular data is more prone to bandwidth fluctuations that can disrupt streaming. Connect your iPhone to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Close other apps – Multitasking can drain the resources needed for smooth Spotify playback. Double-tap the Home button and swipe up on all open apps.
close other apps on iOS
  • Update the Spotify app – An outdated version of the iOS app may have performance bugs. Check the App Store for any available updates.
  • Reinstall Spotify app – If updates don’t help, deleting and reinstalling the app can clear out any glitches.
delete spotify app on iOS
  • Restart your iPhone – Rebooting your device lets RAM refresh, which may fix temporary system issues pausing Spotify.
Hold both buttons until the power-off slider appears. Credit: Getty Images / Mashable
  • Check audio accessories – Test different headphones, speakers or cables to see if the hardware is causing problems.
  • Disable battery saver – Low Power Mode can affect streaming performance. Turn it off in Settings.
turn off low power mode in iOS
  • Log out and back in – Logging out and back into your Spotify account can reset playback issues.
  • Contact Spotify Support – If you still face constant pausing, reach out to Spotify Customer Service for personalized troubleshooting help.

With some dedicated testing and troubleshooting, you should be able to resolve annoying Spotify interruptions on your iPhone or iPad.

How To Fix Spotify Keeps Pausing on Android

Android smartphone users may also experience frustrating Spotify playback issues like pausing, even with a strong data connection.

Here are some effective troubleshooting tips for non-stop Spotify pausing problems on your Android phone:

  • Check data or Wi-Fi – Poor mobile data coverage or a weak Wi-Fi signal can disrupt Spotify streaming. Move closer to your router.
  • Limit background data – Apps running in the background can use up the bandwidth needed for Spotify. Limit app data usage in Settings.
  • Close other apps – Like on iPhone, too many open apps can drain system resources that Spotify needs. Swipe up to close unused apps.
close other apps on android
  • Clear the app cache – Glitched cached app data could cause performance issues. Clear the Spotify cache in App Settings.
delete cache on spotify app
  • Force stop the app – Press Force Stop on Spotify in your Apps settings menu to do a hard reboot.
  • Uninstall updates – Buggy app updates may be the issue. Uninstall Spotify updates and revert to a previous working version.
  • Restart your Android device – Power cycle your phone to refresh the operating system and clear any minor glitches.
  • Update Spotify – Make sure you have the latest version of Spotify, which may have fixed bugs.
  • Switch Spotify playback quality – Try lowering bandwidth usage by reducing streaming quality in the app settings.
  • Contact Spotify Support – Reach out to Spotify’s support team for help if fixes don’t solve your Android pausing problems.

With consistent testing and triaging, you should be able to pinpoint what is causing Spotify to keep pausing on your Android device.

Fixing Spotify Keeps Pausing on Computer

Streaming Spotify through your computer on the web player or desktop app should provide a seamless listening experience. However, some users face frequent playback interruptions and pausing while using Spotify on their laptops or desktop computers.

Here are some top solutions to debug incessant Spotify pausing on the PC or Mac:

  • Restart your computer – Reboot your PC or Mac to clear out any software gremlins that may be disrupting Spotify.
  • Update your OS – Make sure your Windows, MacOS or Linux operating system is updated with the latest fixes.
  • Update Spotify – Check for any new Spotify app releases that patch bugs. Reinstall if needed.
  • Update audio drivers – Outdated motherboard audio drivers may cause glitches. Download the latest sound card drivers.
  • Switch audio output – Test different audio outputs like headphones, speakers or HDMI connections to isolate hardware issues.
  • Close other programs – CPU or RAM heavy programs running alongside Spotify could be interfering. Shut down unused apps.
  • Check Wi-Fi connection – Weak router signal and network congestion can disrupt streaming. Move closer to your wireless router.
  • Enable offline mode – Switch to offline mode to determine if computer network issues are the culprit.
  • Adjust power settings – Disable any computer power savings that could impact streaming performance.
  • Use Ethernet over Wi-Fi – For consistent connection, plug your computer directly into your router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Verify account settings – Make sure Spotify account limits aren’t causing pausing, like ad blockers for free accounts.
  • Contact Support – Get help from the Spotify Support team if you can’t resolve pausing issues on computer.

With some diligent troubleshooting and process of elimination, you should be able to pinpoint what is causing Spotify to keep stopping on your desktop or laptop.

How To Stop Spotify Keeps Pausing on Bluetooth

Wireless Bluetooth streaming introduces another variable that can disrupt seamless Spotify playback. If Spotify keeps pausing when playing over Bluetooth, try these tips:

  • Reconnect Bluetooth – Power cycle the Bluetooth connection by toggling it Off and back On again on both the source and receiving device.
  • Ensure proximity – Keep source and paired device within 30 feet for stable Bluetooth range. Clear line of sight also helps.
  • Check Bluetooth codec – Low-quality codecs like SBC can cause streaming issues. Use aptX or AAC for better stability.
  • Update Bluetooth drivers – Like audio drivers, outdated Bluetooth drivers may have bugs. Update on source and receiving device.
  • Reset Bluetooth devices – Restarting headphones, speakers, car systems can help reconnect properly with source device.
  • Remove other devices – Too many paired Bluetooth devices can cause interference and connectivity problems. Delete unused pairings.
  • Adjust EQ settings – Bluetooth can’t handle high bitrates. Lower EQ quality settings on Spotify and receiving device.
  • Troubleshoot source device – Test different smartphones, laptops or other Bluetooth streaming sources to identify culprit.
  • Test different devices – Try alternate headphones, speakers or car systems to determine if issue is device-specific.
  • Shorten streaming distance – Long Bluetooth range can degrade signal. Move source closer to playback device for strongest connection.

If you consistently face buffering and pausing when streaming Spotify over Bluetooth, methodically testing different configurations and devices should reveal where the problem lies.

How To Fix Spotify Pausing on Headphones

One of the most common ways people listen to Spotify is over headphones, whether wired or wireless. But headphones can be prone to audio glitches that cause interruptions.

Here are some key troubleshooting steps if Spotify keeps pausing on your headphones:

  • Check headphone connection – Make sure 3.5mm plug or USB cable is fully inserted or snapped in.
  • Switch headphone ports – Test different audio jacks like 3.5mm vs USB-C to isolate faulty ports.
  • Replace headphones – Try alternate wired or wireless headphones to determine if issue is specific to one pair.
  • Update headphone firmware – Outdated wireless headphone firmware can cause streaming bugs. Check company site for latest updates.
  • Reset headphones – Power cycle wireless headphones by turning off and on again to reboot connection.
  • Adjust headphone EQ – Lowering headphone audio quality settings can reduce bandwidth demands for smoother streaming.
  • Disable ambient sound modes – Features like active noise cancellation or transparency can disrupt streaming performance.
  • Shorten wireless distance – Make sure wireless headphones are within optimal range for strongest signal to avoid pausing.
  • Remove headphone debris – Carefully clean out any dust or debris from headphone ports, pins or electrical contacts.

If you consistently face playback interruptions on both wired and wireless headphones, the root cause is likely not the headphones themselves. Keep testing other devices and connections.

Resolving Spotify Keeps Pausing on Speakers

In addition to headphones, many Spotify listeners wirelessly stream music to external speakers like home stereo systems, wireless speakers, smart speakers and more.

But streaming hiccups can manifest as pausing issues on your speakers. Things to try:

  • Check speaker power and volume – Make sure speakers are powered on and volume is up. Turn off mute if accidentally enabled.
  • Confirm speaker Wi-Fi – Streaming speakers rely on steady Wi-Fi. Make sure speaker is connected to same network as streaming source.
  • Reconnect speaker – Reset the wireless speaker connection by reconnecting to the source device or disconnecting power briefly.
  • Update speaker firmware – As with headphones, outdated internal software can cause wireless glitches. Check company support site.
  • Move speaker closer to router – Position Wi-Fi speakers closer to your wireless router for strongest signal and to prevent pausing.
  • Change Spotify quality setting – In the app, lower the Streaming Quality which uses less bandwidth to maintain stability.
  • Isolate router interference – Other devices congesting the Wi-Fi network can disrupt streaming. Turn off other wireless-connected devices.
  • Use Ethernet backhaul – For home speakers, connect your router and speaker wirelessly using Ethernet backhaul.
  • Reset network devices – As a last resort, restart your router, modem, access points and other network hardware.

Consistent Spotify playback interruptions across multiple speakers likely indicates a network issue as opposed to a problem with the speakers themselves.

How To Troubleshoot Spotify Pausing in Car

Listening to Spotify in your car over Bluetooth or built-in infotainment systems is a popular way to pass the commute time. But pausing problems can quickly frustrate in-vehicle Spotify use.

Here are some effective car troubleshooting tips when Spotify keeps pausing:

  • Check mobile data coverage – Dead zones with weak cellular signal can disrupt Spotify streaming to your car receiver.
  • Reconnect Bluetooth – Power cycle the Bluetooth pairing between your phone and car stereo. Consult car manual if needed.
  • Clean car Bluetooth contacts – Dust buildup on car BT antenna electrical contacts can cause glitchy connectivity.
  • Update car firmware – Automaker software updates may include bug fixes for in-car apps like Spotify. Check their support site.
  • Restart phone and car – Rebooting both devices restarts the connection and clears any software gremlins causing pausing.
  • Limit car background apps – Close unused apps running in the background that are draining phone bandwidth needed for Spotify.
  • Adjust car equalizer – High quality EQ presets over Bluetooth can overtax connection bandwidth. Lower quality settings.
  • Use phone caching – Enable Spotify offline caching on phone for using in dead zone areas prone to pausing issues.
  • Shorten phone distance – Keep your phone closer to the car dash receiver instead of distant holders which degrades Bluetooth range.

For consistent Spotify pausing only in your car, focus troubleshooting on the vehicle stereo, Bluetooth connection and mobile data coverage dead zones.

How To Stop Spotify Pausing on Different Cables

In addition to wireless streaming, many listeners still use wired audio cables to connect Spotify from their phone, computer or TV to speakers, headphones or receivers.

But cables can cause playback interruptions in some situations:

  • Verify cable connections – Make sure 3.5mm, RCA, optical and other cables are fully plugged in on both ends.
  • Try different cables – Test different cords like 3.5mm auxiliary, RCA, or optical S/PDIF to isolate faulty cables.
  • Replace damaged cables – Inspect cables for damage like frayed wires or bent plugs which can cause connectivity issues.
  • Shorten cable length – Overly long cables between source and receiving device can degrade audio signal and cause glitches.
  • Remove cable extensions – Extra connectors between cables introduce more points of failure. Eliminate any unnecessary extensions.
  • Tighten loose connections – Loose plugs and ports can briefly lose connectivity. Carefully tighten any loose jacks and connections.
  • Update cable drivers – For some advanced digital audio cables using USB or Thunderbolt, make sure onboard firmware is updated.
  • Upgrade shielded cables – Electrical interference can cause unshielded speaker wire or RCA cables to glitch. Use shielded cables.
  • Adjust audio formats – If using multi-channel digital connections, reduce speaker channel count or audio bitrates being transferred.

For consistent Spotify pausing over different wired connections, thoroughly inspect cables and connections while testing different configurations.

Spotify Keeps Pausing? How to Request Support

If you’ve worked through all the troubleshooting tips above but still can’t resolve constant pausing issues on Spotify, your last resort is to reach out to their customer support team for help identifying and fixing stubborn problems.

Here are some tips for getting assistance from Spotify:

  • Chat with online support – The fastest way is using Spotify’s live chat support feature within the mobile and desktop apps.
  • Email Spotify customer service – If chat is unavailable, email Spotify support via the contact form on their website.
  • @SpotifyCares on Twitter– The official Spotify support account monitors Twitter and can provide troubleshooting assistance via DM.
  • Post in the Spotify community – The Spotify Community forums are monitored by staff that may be able to help identify issues.
  • Submit debug logs – Spotify Support can analyze debug/crash logs from your app to pinpoint problems. Email them any logs.
  • Describe the issue in detail – Clearly explain the pausing symptoms, devices, and troubleshooting you’ve tried when requesting Spotify support.
  • Provide screenshots – For visual issues, send screenshots to illustrate any error messages or strange app behavior.

With direct help from Spotify’s customer service team, they can use your logs and details to dive deeper and hopefully resolve even the trickiest pausing problems that evade standard troubleshooting.

Someone Else Listening on Your Account

Another common reason Spotify may pause unexpectedly is if you have forgotten to log out on a different device, and a friend or family member is unknowingly listening using your Spotify account on their device.

The streaming may stutter or pause if too many devices are streaming simultaneously on the same account. Or their connectivity issues could be disrupting the playback.

Luckily, this can be easily resolved with two steps:

  1. First, change your Spotify password by going to the account settings on the Spotify website. This will log out any other devices.
  2. Next, visit the Spotify account page and select “Log out everywhere” which will log your account out of every web browser and app it’s currently signed into across all devices.

Doing this will let you regain full control of your account streaming. Now when you log back in on your own device, you can be confident interruptions from someone else secretly listening on your account have been eliminated.

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